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With a passion for branding and organizational management, Veronica is on the job!


Veronica attended Jacksonville University to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Communications. During her time on campus, she worked for the operations team in the Deans' Office as well as Dolphin Radio. In addition, Veronica also served as a broadcasting intern for WJXT and radio intern for COX Group's 6 local stations in the Jacksonville Florida area. 


While her communications skills grew, so did her love for the community! After graduation, Veronica committed her life to operations, event planning, and marketing in the nonprofit field. In 2020, she received her Masters's in Human Service Administration. 

In the midst of a busy life of service, Veronica never lost her zest for entertainment. Veronica has been a part of the JTG entertainment team since its founding in 2019.

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I'm always glad to help find new ways for our team to partner and collaborate! Let's connect.

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